The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

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LowCVP is a public-private partnership that exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK business.

“With so much focus on the car sector, it might be easy to forget the vital contribution, and huge opportunities from the heavy-duty vehicle sector.

"LowCVP is supporting this initiative and will be aiming to show how the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy is not just for cars, and how it can stimulate a much broader portfolio of technology to decarbonise these complex transport systems.” Andy Eastlake – MD, The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership.

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The Renewable Energy Association

REAREA is a not-for-profit trade association representing British renewable energy producers and promoting the use of renewable energy in the UK.

“The energy and transport sectors are at a time of historic convergence.

"The energy system is becoming more decarbonised, digitised, and decentralised while cars and vans are becoming electrified and the way people use them is expected to shift.

"Automotive manufacturers are moving into renewable energy and major oil and gas companies are moving into EV charging.

"It is exactly for these reasons that an event such as ITT Hub, which will bring together the energy and transport sectors in Farnborough in 2020, is crucial and we are delighted to support it as an event partner.” Dr. Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive of the Renewable Energy Association.

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Transport for the South East

Transport for the South East

A sub-national transport body and the third Event Partner to join up with ITT Hub 2020, Transport for the South East is a single voice for the strategic transport needs for the South East region.

Highways UK






Highways UK is a major event bringing together those responsible for the planning, designing, building, maintaining, operating and future-proofing of the UK's road network.

With growing recognition of the relationship between transport infrastructure investment and economic growth, the highways sector is enjoying, once in a generation, levels of investment. At the same time, the sector is undergoing dramatic and rapid change with many major disruptors starting to play out that are having a profound impact on how people and goods move around. Equally, there is an expectation that the industry will improve its productivity and deliver long-term efficiency savings, better quality service for road users, and an improved network up and down the country.

This is driving much greater use of innovations and smart technologies, working alongside the established road building, maintenance and traffic management sectors; bringing new players into the market and creating entirely new supply chains

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