Tim Peake was the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station, where his work during Mission Principia inspired millions about the possibilities which space could offer.  A former test pilot, he is also a STEM ambassador, schools’ speaker and best-selling author.

His keynote speech will kick off two days of debate and discussions at ITT Hub 2021.

“I am thrilled to be speaking at next year’s FTA Future Logistics Conference, to engage with key businesses across the logistics sector and identify areas where inspiration could provide solutions for 21st century challenges.

I am also looking forward to experiencing first-hand the wide range of new options for logistics which the ITT Hub will have on show – and possibly even seeing what it’s like to experience an autonomous vehicle. 

"60 years ago, man had not even set foot on the moon, but the boundaries of what’s possible have been expanded, and I look forward to challenging visitors at next year’s conference to push their horizons and help to shape the industry of tomorrow.” - Tim Peake